Church Planters

Church planters share about God in communities by visiting homes, leading home fellowships, and studies of the Word of God, and discipling followers.  They are trained to be self-sufficient "tent makers" based on the example of Paul.

Training for a church planter is a year including 3 months of classroom work where over 100 hours of the Word of God are taught each month.

Each one month of classroom work is followed by three months of practical implementation in the field.

  • First four months emphasize sharing about God.
  • Second four months emphasize discipleship.
  • Last four months emphasize the establishment of a fellowship.

Since 1985 our indigenous partner has trained and equipped 7,763 church planters. Through these servants of God the following has occurred:

  • 711,865 – people have come to know the true light
  • 102,641 – confessed new faith
  • 1,069,754 -- attending fellowships

 This means each Church Planter on average was responsible in the first year for:

  • 91 people coming to know the true light
  • 13 people confessing new faith
  • 137 – attending fellowship
A scholarship for a church planter is $3,600 and impacts hundreds of people.  In addition training a church planter through the 12 month program, the donation
  • Sends 500 children to VBS
  • Sends 30 adults to a 10 months literacy training program
Every sponsor receives a plaque with a picture of the church planter, the location where the church planter is serving, and a brief description of the community.

A report on the progress of the church planter is sent every four months during the year of training.


Please prayerfully consider supporting a church planter scholarship.  Each scholarship is a tremendous value and  makes an eternal difference for countless souls.

Testimony of Pastor N

Pastor N. is the local pastor who contacted our indigenous partner in order that he might share about God to an Unreached People Group. His testimony is incredible!

He was born in a tribe and was brought up with their customs and traditions. His family offered sacrifices of eggs, goats, chickens and liquor to their family god. His parents earned their living by making and selling liquor. N. states, “they poured the liquor forcefully into our mouth when we were still babies. My parents were proud and pleased to see us drinking liquor on our own. Very soon I became an addict. I wanted to study but my father’s desire was that I should earn money for my education by the liquor business.” N. grew up drinking “too much” and living among friends leading him "on a wicked path."

One day he saw a piece of what he thought was a piece of paper on the ground. Upon picking it up he found it was a tract that shared about God and the true light. N. writes that he read “there was a person who promised to cleanse me of my sin and deliver me from my evil ways. The person was none other than the true light”. He contacted the address on the back of the tract, came to know the true light, and later confessed his new faith. He went on to study at a Bible School for three years.

It was at this point that N. says, “God gave me the burden to work among my own people”. He wants the lives of the tribals to be transformed, just as his life was changed, by learning about the true light.

Pastor J's Story

Adopted as an orphan boy and raised by a Senior Pastor who is now retired, Pastor J. began a fellowship in 1990 in a little room with just a few people attending.

So far, 170 fellowships have been planted by this ministry. All of the church planters who have established these fellowships have been trained and equipped through our indigenous partner's Church Planting Schools.

A school that shares about God has been established with help from our indigenous partner. This school has funded one Church Planting School class containing at least 10 Church Planters each year.

Through the new fellowships planted, a total of 35 schools that share about God have been established with over 12,000 children enrolled.

Pastor J. writes "In the beginning there were lots of problems. Classes were held in open air and under trees. We thank God for Dr. William Scott, who helped us to construct the school building which today has 42 spacious rooms and a capacity for 1,500 students. Many in the school have come to know the true light and today are in full-time ministry. Demand for schools in the surrounding villages has greatly increased. We have started 35 primary schools where we have village fellowships. These schools make a positive impact on the village people and also are helping the fellowships to grow fast!"

Dr. Scott dedicated a new fellowship established by this ministry in 1996. It was located in a remote area on the edge of the jungle. It is inhabited by a tribal group known as the M. Dr. Scott had to walk through a river to get there.

In 2006, this fellowship was visited by staff of our indigenous partner who discovered it. It had grown from two families to a fellowship that is overflowing and packed tight with first generation followers. From 10 followers to 600 members and 400 school children in 10 years! These new followers are bursting with energy and enthusiasm.


Class of Church Planters in NorthEast India


Worship on Sunday


South India gathering


Celebration at Dedication of Pastor J.'s School


M School Children in Tribal Uniform

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