Moving People in India from Most to Least

India has the Most— Compared to other nations, India has the most destitute, illiterate people, the most malnourished people, especially children, the most people living in modern slavery, the most people without access to clean water, the most discarded people, and the most people living without hope.

Our goal is to move people from the Most to the Least, and through literacy, strategic education, and empowerment, transform lives, families, and communities by providing opportunity and hope for a better future.

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We support ministries that help move people from oppression to a place of hope and a brighter future.

Your Impact

Meet Kumari, a typical story of a woman whose life, family, and community have been transformed by the generous donations of people like you to Glad Tidings India

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Glad Tidings India - Icon - Waterwell
Borewells (water wells) sponsored for villages since 2009
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Sewing machines sponsored for women
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Women sponsored for literacy classes over last 5 years
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People Groups have completed 3 year project

Thought of the Day

God's Power to Sustain - Dr. William Scott
God's grace is fully sufficient for all our needs.
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Soul Harvest Banquet 2020:

“Bringing Hope to the Hopeless”

Learn how Literacy, Church Planters, Children’s Bible School, Sewing Machines, Water Wells & the Gospel are “Bringing HOPE to the HOPELESS.”


Wish to be a Sponsor for the Banquet? CLICK HERE

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Together, we can make an impact on the people of India