Bringing the Glad Tidings of God to India by Training & Equipping the Indigenous Church

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Glad Tidings India - Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record rooted in Experience

Over 60 years experience in ministry in India through founder/missionary, Dr. William Scott. Our indigenous partner is run on the ground in India by indigenous leadership with 15-40 years tenure, trained and mentored by Bill Scott and others. They work only with proven and trustworthy partnerships within India.

Glad Tidings India - Self Sustaining Ministries

Donations leveraged into Self-Sustaining Ministries

All donations are invested in ministries of our indigenous partner.

  • Training & Equipping Evangelist Church Planters

  • Conducting literacy classes featuring the Word of God

  • Assisting Christian school expansion

  • CBS for children featuring songs and stories from the Word of God

  • Providing individuals & fellowships with income generating enterprises which encourage self support

Glad Tidings India - Low Overhead

Low Overhead

We seek to keep to our policy commitment of Money for Ministries, not Organizations by maintaining a very lean organizational structure in the United States, thus keeping overhead low and allowing more funds to go directly to ministry in India. Currently, staff members maintain home offices and our staff consists of one full-time staff member (the President), one part-time secretary, one part-time contracted staff member to handle the financial work, and one part-time director of west coast operations in California. Given additional funds, ministry in India could increase triple without increasing overhead or adding staff.

Glad Tidings India - Indigenous Strategy

Indigenous Strategy

The uniqueness of our partner ministry in India. Initially founded and directed by Drs. William and Joyce Scott, it is now entirely indigenous, controlled and administrated by Indians residing in India. The Executive Director is assisted by a Management Committee, whose five members have been with our indigenous partner from 15-40 years. All of them began in the organization at lower levels and have advanced to leadership positions.

Glad Tidings India - Grassroots Directed

Grassroots Directed

Areas for ministry and targeted people groups are selected by the local churches in India which also carry out the ministries they are led by God to do. Churches submit requests to our indigenous partner who filters and prioritizes them. Our indigenous partner then makes them known to partners for funding, such as Glad Tidings India and provides accountability within India for ensuring the proper usage of all funds received.

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For us, indigenous ministry means that the locus of control for the projects and final disbursement of funds remains in India, in the hands of Indian led ministries.

In the interest of protecting our indigenous partner, we kindly ask that you contact us to request our statement of faith.