Schools Impact Children & Families

Christian Schools often obtain a strong reputation for excellence, and families of all faiths are anxious to enroll their children.

Children not only get a quality education in reading, writing, math and science, but they also learn about the true light and good ethics at the English-medium schools. Frequently parents of the children are curious about the changes in their children’s behavior and come to know the true light themselves as they learn about a God who loves them.

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The schools are a great example of Dr. Scott’s plan to recycle donations to squeeze the most ministry possible out of every dollar (more bang for the buck!).

When GTI and our indigenous partner helps build a school in a community,

  • Christian English Medium Schools are built.

  • Instead of paying back a loan, the school commits to sponsor a class of church planters for five years out of the tuition received.

A typical classroom costs $12,000 to build. By using the money repeatedly, not only is a classroom built, but over five years 50 to 60 church planters will be trained.

In many cases, the pastor overseeing the school continues to sponsor church planters beyond the five year commitment. In at least one case, a pastor has continued to sponsor a class of church planters for over 20 years.

Multiplying Effect at One School

In 2012, funding was provided so that a Christian School could add classrooms and increase their student body. As a result of the additional money they received from tuition, this school promised to train 12 church planters every year for 5 years.

After just 4 months of ministry, the first class of church planters working in 12 different villages, has reported:

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people came to know the true light
people confessed a new faith
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Help a child get a quality education and learn about the true light.