India has the largest concentration of Unreached People Groups in the world.

India has more unreached individuals than any other nation (Operation World, 7th ed., p.414)

Of the unreached people groups in the world with populations over 10,000, 75% are found in India (Operation World, 7th ed., p. 415)

GTI and our indigenous partner have established a goal to transform 100 People Groups through the Word of God and by Planting Churches in the next 3 to 5 years.

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Methodology and Strategy for Transforming each Unreached People Group

The strategy involves a 3 year plan including:

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adults attending literacy classes featuring the World of God
Indian church planters trained
children participating in Children's Bible School
villages impacted over 3 years

At least 25 villages are impacted through social, economic, and spiritual impact over 3 years. They receive roads and electricity if needed, and in many villages women become involved in politics and start earning money for the first time.

By having literacy classes in the first year, home fellowships are ready for Church planters to teach and disciple followers during the second year.

First Year Focuses on Literacy

  • 450 Adults enrolled in Literacy Courses featuring the Word of God.

  • Classes run 2 hours per night, 5 nights per week for 10 months.

  • Over 25% of students come to know the true light.

  • Cost of $25 per student.

  • $11,250 total cost for 450 students.

Why literacy ministry is so effective the first year

During the first year the literacy classes are conducted for 450 adults. First of all, many unreached people are illiterate.

Secondly, Literacy classes are an excellent starter because every dimension of the peoples’ lives can be affected (physical, social, economic and spiritual).

As they practice their reading they learn about:

  • Basic health and personal hygiene

  • Nutrition and proper diet

  • Family relationships

  • Government programs for the poor

  • Self-help skills

  • Financial improvement

Most importantly the primers are full of stories from the Word of God and they learn about the true light. This sets the stage for the second year, when a team of church planters begin work among the targeted unreached people group.

The first year of strategy has been completed in 48 unreached people groups where literacy classes have been conducted for 450 adults in each unreached people group.

The average results per group for the first with 450 adults enrolled in literacy classes:

  • 181 people came to know the true light

  • 61 confessed their new faith

  • 227 attending fellowships

Social Results on average first year in all 48 unreached people groups where 450 adults were enrolled in literacy classes in each group:

  • 90% of the literacy students completed the 10 month program

  • 100 literacy students became “Each One Teach One” teachers

  • Average daily wages increased 81%

  • 282 started taking baths and wearing clean clothes

  • 108 women started to generate income

Second Year Focuses on Training Church Planters


10 Church Planters trained and equipped over one year period.

3 months of classroom work where over 100 hours of the Word of God are taught each month.

Each one month of classroom work is followed by three months of practical implementation in the field.

  • First four months emphasize sharing about God.

  • Second four months emphasize discipleship.

  • Last four months emphasize the establishment of a place for fellowship.

Church planters establish fellowships among literacy graduates from first year of program.

  • Goal of each church planter is to visit 1,000 homes.

  • Cost of $1,200 per church planter.

  • $12,000 total cost for 10 church planters.

Third Year Focuses on CBS and Literacy Classes

  • 300 Adults enrolled in literacy training featuring the Word of God.

  • 1,000 children attend two week CBS and learn about the true light for the first time.

  • Cost of $25 per literacy student, $1 per child attending CBS.

  • $8,500 total cost to transform 1,300 lives.

Total Project

  • Impact 100 Unreached People Groups.

  • Train & Equip 1,000 Church Planters.

  • Conduct Literacy Classes featuring the Word of God for 75,000 Adults.

  • Introduce 100,000 children to the true light through CBS.

  • Total Cost: $3,175,000

Total Cost to Transform One Unreached People Group through the power of the Gospel, Literacy, and Church Planting: $31,750

Transform a Unreached People Group through the power of the Gospel, Literacy, and Church Planting