Wells Provide Water for Life

Providing wells for villages solves the huge problem of water scarcity. Wells give clean water for drinking, help prevent waterborne disease and pollution, and improve personal hygiene.

In some cases, water wells are provided after a community has learned about the true God through literacy courses. Students learn about the importance of clean, sanitary water in their classes and the fresh water from the well helps them transform the village.

In other cases, water wells are installed in communities of other faiths and people are told about the true light at the opening ceremony. The generosity of the donors providing the wells and the message from church planters inspires people to take literacy courses and send their children to VBS.

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Borewells provide fresh, clean water

$1,500 will provide fresh, clean water to villages in desperate need of fresh, clean, and sanitary water. Partial donations of half and quarter wells are greatly appreciated, as well as sponsorship of a complete well.

All borewell donors receive a letter and picture of their well after it is installed.

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Borewells (water wells) sponsored for villages since 2009
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people who now have access to clean water


Borewells provide fresh, clean water in addition to bringing the water of life to people of all faiths.